It's Time - Everywhere

The Geochron Digital 4k V2 gives viewers beautiful displays of the Earth with the sunrise-sunset rendered in real-time through a small computer that plugs directly in to your TV via HDMI. 


The size of your display is only limited by the size of your TV, as you take in the terrestrial movement of the Earth’s orbit in sync with the Sun.


The Geochron Digital 4k UHD displays a full-featured Geochron World Clock on any 4k TV, with every mapset and lighting option available in our famous mechanical clock but at a fraction of the cost. Now in the digital format, users can customize markers on the map, and receive (with internet) real time updates

Easy to set up and completely customisable

Size: 11cm x 11cm x 2cm

Remote control included

Get the Latest Data

• Simply attach your Geochron to a 4K TV and use the internet for the latest and updated data. Geochron remote control included.

24 Hour Time Zones

• Time. Everywhere. Watch the Earth move in 24 time zones. Pin up to 8 favourite spots in the world!

See Everything

• See major air and sea routes, pollution flows. Includes Satelites, International space stations, precipitation, population, wind, barometric pressure, temperature, carbon pollution, aircraft and shipping movements and light opacity.

It's Your Geochron

• Personalise your Geochron to suit your needs. Layer your Geochron to see whatever is most important to you - and change it at any time.

24 Hour Time Zones
All Major Air and Sea routes
A Framed World Map - but so much more
Geochron in office
The Geochron simply attaches to your 4K TV in office, boardroom, school or home.

The Geochron illustrates:


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